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Frank Buchanan - Funeral Plan Reviews

David Simmons at Best Funeral Prices helped find me and my wife the best cover for our funeral costs saving us thousands.
After losing a friend to an illness i came to realise funeral costs are rising exponentially.
I started my own research by shopping around funeral directors and online but found funeral directors to be very expensive and wanted a large upfront payment.
Everyone else just wanted me to buy their plans.
We were referred to these guys through a local business and the service provided was exceptional, Dave asked me few very general questions and found me the plan i was looking for.
It met my budget and is with a highly rated plan provider.
David is a very pleasant man he made the whole process from start to finish seamless this young man deserves a promotion.
Thank You David!

Funeral Plan Reviews - Franks Review

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Jenny Punchard - Funeral Plan Reviews

After my late husband Paul fell ill the last thing i wanted to think about was his funeral costs. Although it was a thought i couldn't bear thinking about i knew it was something i had to take into consideration.
I contacted BestFuneralPrices after coming across their website.
David helped me compare the market in my area and find me the best priced funeral plan for Paul, he was ever so polite on the phone and such a gentleman.
They took away the hassle of me having to search for a funeral plan and it fit my budget as some local prices i received were extortionate and i am in benefit of the state pension.
I can honestly say i would have been searching endlessly without David and i am ever so grateful.

Funeral Plan Reviews - Jennys Review

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John Yourfin - Funeral Plan Reviews

I was confused between insurance and a prepaid funeral plan.
We contacted best funeral prices and the information provided to me was invaluable.
They compared insurance to prepaid funeral plans for my age and  health and provided me with the knowledge for me to decide which one was the better option.
Due to the budget i had i was not able to take out a funeral plan but Dave guided me in the right direction to get an insurance policy which would cover me for my funeral costs.
Brilliant service thank you

Funeral Plan Reviews - Johns Review

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Employee Statement

At Best Funeral Prices we aim to help our customers find funeral plans which match their budget and requirements.
We understand discussing a funeral can not be the easiest conversation to have. But, it's something which is inevitable.

I thoroughly enjoy working in the Funeral industry and at Best Funeral Prices, as It gives me an insight into how prepared you need to be in life. The best part is really getting to know our clients personally reassuring them they are in safe hands and we are here to help.

If you are looking for advice or even are looking to find out how prepaid funeral plans work. Please do not hesitate to contact us we will try our utmost to provide you with the quality of service you need and guide you in the right direction. Why not have a read of our
Funeral Guides.