Best Funeral Prices work with leading Funeral Plan providers and was set up after research showed people were paying extortionate amounts for Funeral Costs.

Previously there were not many options of prepaying Funeral Costs and Funeral Directors held the monopoly of the market. Therefore they were able to charge prices some people thought to be extortionate.

However Pre-Organising your Funeral means you are able to save on the high street prices a Funeral Director would charge. Especially after a passing for example, the demand for a funeral after the stage of death would be high, and similarly the room for negotiation would be low. Which would result in the family having to pay whatever price is quoted usually being quite expensive.

Working with the leading Funeral Plan providers, we are able to help find you the best policy at the best rates. Saving you the time and trouble of searching for a Funeral Plan.  And still not being sure if the policy you have been offered is the best one for you.

We have a team of competent Funeral advisors who can guide you through the process and find you the best policy.

By providing some basic details on our quote form located on the Home Page, we are able to review a variety of prepaid funeral plans available in the UK and offer you a competitive quote.

We would tailor each plan to your requirements. Whether you prefer a cremation or a burial, a number of limousines or none and if you wish to pay in one lump sum or instalments, We can help by comparing between Funeral Plan providers.

How a Funeral Plan Can Benefit You

Everyone we love and care about deserves a funeral with love, dignity and respect. Unfortunately, the cost of funerals are rising at an alarming rate.

Currently priced at around £2,500 to £4,300 for a standard funeral. The cost of this is expected to be around £7,000 in 2026 and £12,000 in 2036.

A family bereavement is always hard to deal with, but having financial stress also can make it worse.

Everyone would love to pay respect to loved ones without having to worry about financials. 60% of people are left applying for loans or raising money for Funeral Costs.

In conclusion, a funeral plan allows you to fix the cost at today’s prices. So, whether you pass away in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time. You are going to be paying a much lower rate, saving thousands in the process.

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Our Promise as Funeral Plan Providers

At Best Funeral Prices we are very passionate about giving you quality advice, with the best protection and at a competitive rate.

We have developed close relationships with some of the leading insurers and plan providers in the country so you can have peace of mind knowing that your policy is in capable hands.

Here at Best Funeral Prices we do not take any upfront fees for our service. You are welcome to explore the different options available and compare quotes from our network of service providers.

In addition, if a funeral plan is not what you're looking for, we can also offer an alternative such as life insurance.