Direct cremations explained

What is a Direct Cremation?

Some families opt for direct disposal of their loved one’s body. Direct disposal means that the body of the person who has died is immediately cremated or....Read More >>

Choosing a funeral director

Choosing a Funeral Director 

Commercial: These Funeral directors will usually have slightly lower prices than traditional directors but the services are not always as personalised as you may want them to be....Read More >>

how to plan a funeral or memorial service

How to Plan a Funeral

We’ll be honest.  Planning a funeral is tough. It’s stressful, emotional, and exhausting.  Not only are you grieving the death of a loved one, but also on top of that you have....Read More >>

different types of life insurance

Life insurance or a Funeral Plan

Life insurance is a contract that specifies that it will pay out a sum of money to someone you choose (the beneficiary) in the case of your death. It’s always a good idea....Read More >>

over 50s cover

Over 50s Life Insurance

Reaching the BIG 50 is a huge milestone. At this point in life your commitments will probably start to change as you may start looking at retirement, or possibly looking at ways to....Read More >>

what are the cost of burials

What are the Cost of Burials? 

The cost of every funeral is different depending on what options are chosen.  We do have a funeral calculator that can help estimate a cost and give you a general idea....Read More >>

what are the different funeral types

Different types of Funerals

Many people have visions of a traditional funeral in a church with mourners in black, prayers, eulogies, hymns and a long procession to the graveside service after the traditional....Read More >>

what is a funeral service

What does a Funeral Service include?

We all have our own preconceived notions of what a funeral is and what it may look like. We all have our own familial histories; cultures, geographic locations and religious....Read More >>

what are the different coffin types

Different Coffin Types

Most of us have not put much thought into all of the different coffin options out there. When the time comes to have to choose one for a loved one it can be an overwhelming....Read More >>

the different type of hearses

Different Types of Hearses

Lets be honest no one has ever thought of what type of funeral hearse they would like to ride in or be taken to their final destination in, but here are a list of hearses people have used....Read More >>

what to do with the ashes

Funeral Ashes – What to do

Many people wonder what they should do with the ashes that are left after a body is cremated. Some choose to put them in an urn or special box and....Read More >>

your legal funeral rights

Legal Rights on Funerals

We have tried to make this section as comprehensive and, above all, as accurate as possible....Read More >>