There are two types of funeral directors:

Commercial Funeral Directors:

These Funeral Directors will usually have slightly lower prices than traditional funeral directors, but the services are not always as personalised as you may want them to be.  Instead these services may be more “standard” or “cookie cutter”.

Traditional Funeral Directors:

These Funeral Directors are usually slightly higher in fees and prices, but the services are much more personalised and cater to your needs and wants. 

Many people choose a funeral director simply through word of mouth or knowing them through a service they had once provided for a beloved family member.

But unfortunately, the reality is knowing a funeral director does not necessarily mean you will get the best funeral prices when it comes to a funeral plan.

Funeral directors tend to hold a high street price and this means you may not get what you want for the budget you have or want to spend.

"Why pay extra when you can get a better rate and still use a local funeral director with a Funeral Plan?"

Most funeral directors also do not provide the option of paying on a monthly basis and would require a upfront lump sum payment. 

So how do you choose a Funeral Director? - Funeral Directors work with some of the leading funeral plan providers in the U.K, we take into consideration what your requirements are and what you have to spend and source you a plan which meets your needs and the best thing is we do not charge you to do this.

Death does not come with a time and date, but if you feel like you have the luxury of time, why not pay on a monthly basis? and keep any amounts you put aside for a funeral in your bank accruing interest. This way you have frozen the cost of your funeral and are not having to part with a large amount of money.

How can pre-planning my Funeral Plan be cheaper and i still get the same service? - Funeral Directors

Most Funeral Directors charge a high street price and rely on the local people for walk through business.

A Large percentage of people only visit or contact a funeral director when they are in need of a service “after” a family member has passed on. So what do the funeral director do?, In the urgency of the moment and knowing you have limited options they charge a high street price which is usually a fixed cost and, in most cases, require full payment.

If you should “pre-organise” your funeral you will get the best rate as there is no urgency and your options are open to choose which funeral director you want to use.

It's very simple the price varies depending on at what stage your funeral gets paid, the service remains exactly the same.

Do Funeral Directors offer Funeral Plans? - Funeral Directors

Yes, Funeral Directors can offer a pre-paid funeral plan, but they may not give you the luxury of spreading the cost over a certain amount of years and most probably require a lump sum payment.

Some Funeral Directors have an agreement to sell usually one plan providers plans which means you do not get the option of choosing a funeral plan provider which is suited to you, this also means you will not benefit from price comparisons.

Some Funeral directors charge a fee to put a prepaid plan together for you.

Our Service is FREE we do not charge a fee to find you the best priced Funeral Plan in your postcode.