Some families opt for a Direct Cremation of their loved one’s body. Direct Cremation means that the body of the person who has died is immediately cremated or buried without any type of funeral ceremony beforehand. It is definitely a cheaper and simpler way to go, and is gaining in popularity. Some known names who have chose this option are David Bowie, John Lennon and Anita Brookner. Some people may choose this option because they don’t have close family or friends to worry about, or simply don’t understand the point of paying for a funeral service. Many people choose this option if they are planning something entirely different that doesn’t fit in with the traditional norm of a funeral and burial. Again, it’s all about personal preference. 

Direct cremations cost roughly £1200-1800 all in, Direct burials cost roughly £1500-2000.

What Happens at a Direct Cremation? - Direct Cremation

If this option is chose, it certainly simplifies the process. There is no viewing or wake to worry about. No need to choose a date or time for a burial.  There is no service, memorial, procession, reception or anyone in attendance for any part of the process. 

Can I Say Goodbye? - Direct Cremation

Choosing this option does not stop you from saying goodbye to your loved one. Instead, it will have to be done differently since there is no ceremony or a funeral service of any kind. Some families still choose to have a farewell service, harvest ceremony or a memorial meeting at an alternate place, in most cases at the home of the deceased. 

Who Provides Direct Cremations? - Direct Cremation

Most funeral directors now will offer a direct cremation, and direct burials. It is becoming an increasingly popular option as it gives an alternative to a traditional funeral service. There will still always be those who feel that this option isn’t for them and that’s ok. But don’t allow anyone else to convince you that this isn’t a perfectly good option. Again, if you get any resistance from a funeral director over this choice please choose another provider. Ask a lot of questions and be sure you feel comfortable with the answers given. 

What Do You Pay For? - Direct Cremation

  • Doctor’s fee x 2 at £82 each – you need 2 doctors to certify cause of death. Note: If the coroner has seen the person who has died there is no fee.
  • Transport
  • Simple coffin
  • Funeral director’s time and overheads.
  • Removal of pacemaker, prosthetic, etc. if necessary.
  • Storage in funeral director’s mortuary.
  • Crematorium fee.